"This indie film was every bit as fun as the last action-adventure I watched with my son (6) Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which, of course, was a box office hit, grossing $120 Million worldwide." 

“A most crafty film about two cool kids! The evil ice-cream men add to the comedic flair, and the entire movie is fast-paced and most entertaining for youth and adults alike! This production is well made, well scripted, and well acted. It’ll give most any comparable Disney film a run for its money. Kudos to Kel Thompson & Company for a job well done!”


"When two affluent siblings are faced with losing everything, they spring into action to win a contest put on by a local billionaire. Naturally, chaos ensues!" 


“It’s light-hearted, but has a powerful message that kids can do anything… even save the world!” Casey Eden Sollock, Entrepreneur and Mom of 2 daughters.


"Kel Thompson's direction is excellent. The main characters, Jackson Johnson and Olivia Johnson really stand out in this movie, because they are kids working hard to win and solve problems just like real kids in today's world." 


"Kel Thompson and his kids, Jackson (12) and Olivia (9), had an idea… to create a film to help save the world from pollution, disease, and even billionaires’ greed." 

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